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About Us

Our Story
Lollipop and Lullaby is a family-run business dedicated to making parenthood and babyhood the most comfortable and enjoyable experience around.   Our products are ones we currently use or want to use on our own kids, if only they would let us!  (Swaddling an 8-year old is not easy, regardless of how soft and pretty the blanket is!) *  In fact, the idea for our business came about around the time we were almost all done with baby products in our own family, and yet we were having a hard time saying goodbye to all those sweet and cuddly tiny baby moments.   Working on the design and manufacture of baby products allows us to continue living through these memories, and helping other families with their own tiny ones.  



Our Family
Our family consists of Dad Jordan, Mom Alissa, Big Sister Jana, Middle Sister Reese (2 minutes, but 1 day older than…) Baby Sister Sasha (yes, twins with their own birthdays!).   We hope you continue to visit our page and see our new products as they come along!  Wishing you and your family lots of happy memories, fun adventures, and most importantly, kids taking long afternoon naps and sleeping through the night.  
* Not so Easy to Swaddle our Kids Now!